Coliving in Barcelone
Coliving in Barcelone

A share way of living, innovative and adapted to housing needs in Barcelona.  

What is Coliving ?

Coliving is a shared way of living, which is for housing what Coworking is for a professional space.

It is not a colocation organized empirically by an unscrupulous owner or tenant in order to make an apartment profitable.

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What are the advantages of Coliving ?

Coliving offers many advantages and overcomes the disadvantages of rental or traditional colocation:

  • It responds to the request of people who are in need of accommodation quickly, without requiring to provide a multitude of supporting documents, or to find a person who will guarantee their commitments.

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What is the Coliving market in Barcelona ?

Born on the east coast of the United States in the 2000s, Coliving has developed in Asia, particularly in China where the market is already well established.

In Europe, it has gradually established itself in the main capitals before developing in the other biggest cities.

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